Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones

Podcasts are an awesome and convenient way to keep you up to date and entertained no matter what industry you’re in. If you’re looking for podcasts to help keep accounting and business management skills sharp, we’ve got four great options to get you started.

The Green Apple Podcast



Starting out on the lighter end, The Green Apple Podcast is hosted by self-described “recovering CPA” John Garrett. He uses the podcast to explore all the cool things that accountants, consultants, lawyers, and other professionals are doing outside the four walls of their office and how those hobbies impact their careers in surprising ways.

The Journal of Accountancy Podcast presented by AICPA


This podcast is hosted by various editors at the Journal of Accountancy, including Chris Baysden, Courtney Vien, and Jeff Drew. They cover a wide range of topics to help busy accountants stay up to date with the latest trends and happenings in the industry. Topics include networking secrets that will help advance your career, fraud red flags, and the secrets to opening a new CPA office.

The Accounting Today Podcast


Yet another podcast presented by one of the leading accounting blogs, The Accounting Today Podcast is a pleasure to listen to. Accounting Today’s editors bring on thought leaders from across the public accounting profession to discuss topics ranging from blockchain and tax reform to increasing the value of your work and new pricing strategies. Oh, and my personal favorite: “Yes Robots are Taking Your Work (and It’s a Good Thing).”

Future-Proof: A Podcast for Tomorrow's Accounting & Finance Pros


You may not have heard of this brand new podcast yet (less than two months since the first episode when this was written), but I suspect it’s about to get a lot more attention. Host Bill Sheridan discusses how to “future-proof your organization and your career in a complex and chaotic world.” He chats with thought leaders from across the industry to have some fascinating conversations about all the business-centric things your practice needs to succeed long term.

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