Micala Ricketts
Micala Ricketts

In March, we raised $20 million in Series B funding—a huge milestone for us and great validation for our mission. Last week, that mission was further validated when it was announced that our funding landed us in the Top 10 US VC-Backed Fintech Deals for Q1 2017. Seeing our name on the list was surreal since just 18 months ago we were a tiny team working out of a tiny office, about to head into our first selling season ever. Now, we’re hiring almost 100 people in less than six months. Take a look at how our startup is expanding.

Growing the Canopy Team

Our Team By the Numbers

Our team is growing exponentially. Last summer our team was made up of fewer than 50 members. By the end of this summer, we plan to be a team of nearly 200 strong. We’ll be going through more Diet Coke (the poison of choice here at Canopy) than ever.

To support our rapid growth, we’ve also bulked up our leadership team. Recently hired or promoted members of our innovative leadership team include:

Jordan Ray, VP of Marketing
Carly Moore, VP of Creative & Content
Josh Alvord, VP of Customer Success
Nate Barrett, VP of Product
Andrea Ibanez, Director of People Operations & Culture

Canopy CEO and founder Kurt says, “I want to make Canopy a place where people love to come to work, and they’re challenged every day. It’s rewarding to see people catch the vision and carry it forward.”

Canopy Is On the Move

As you can imagine, our rapidly growing team keeps outgrowing office spaces! We’ve moved three times in the last year, but we’re glad to always call the Silicon Slopes home.

Our first office was a corner rented out of a medical office, and now we’ll be moving into our fourth office next week, which will take up a whole floor of an office building at Thanksgiving Park. Elbow room is getting tight around our current office, and the fridge is just about overflowing. It’s a good thing we all like each other!

We can’t believe the incredible journey we’ve been on this year, and we’re just getting started.

Canopy Is Still Hiring

Interested in joining our team? We’re hiring in almost every department, especially engineering and tax positions.

From friendly faces to foosball tourneys to weekly standups, one thing we’re really proud of is our culture, and we’ve made it a high priority to preserve it as we grow. You can check out our culture for yourself by reading our reviews on Glassdoor and following us on Instagram @canopy_hq.

Want to read up on the history of Canopy? Read Basement to Fast-Growing Startup: The Inspiring Story of Canopy.

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