Micala Ricketts
Micala Ricketts

Part of making your tax practice successful is keeping your tax preparation prices competitive. But how do you know what’s competitive if you don’t know what other people are charging? We’ve put together a guide based on information gathered from pricing surveys administered by Canopy and National Society of Accountants to answer that question.

Across the country, tax professionals charge as much as $413 (in Hawaii) and as little as $98 (in New Hampshire) to prepare a non-itemized Form 1040 plus state return. Additionally, of the tax professionals Canopy surveyed, 80% charged flat fees rather than by the hour. Do you charge flat fees? Where do your prices fit in the range of $98-$413?

The cost of tax preparation services vary by region, as well as state by state. Download our 2019 Tax Prep Pricing Guide to find out where you fall in relation to state and national averages.

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