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Looking to step up your online marketing game in 2017? Here are two strategies you can use to increase your practice's website traffic.

The business world is going digital, now more than ever before. Your potential clients are googling your business before they ever pick up the phone to call you, so ensuring that your practice’s website makes a good impression should be high on your 2017 priority list. Whether you’re already familiar with online marketing or you’re just trying it for the first time, here are two strategies you can implement today to increase your practice’s website traffic.

Join the Blogosphere

Keep a Blog 

Find time in your week to create content. Regular blogging will keep your practice relevant and easier to find online. Don’t panic – your posts can be short and sweet. There’s no need to write an essay for each one.

According to Mike Templeman, CEO of Foxtail Marketing, dramatically increasing his company’s post frequency led to a 300% increase in website traffic in two months. Templeman adds that promoting blog posts on Facebook (and your other social media channels) is a must.

Guest Blogging

Even if you don’t have your own blog, start writing guest posts for related websites. Looking for topic ideas? Start by adding your own spin or insight to a popular topic being discussed in the tax industry. You could also write about a personal experience or tell a client story, which is a great option if you have a lot of experience helping clients with different types of cases.

To find websites to guest blog for, use the following formula to search Google: “[your niche]” + “[a guest-posting search string]”. Some suggested strings include:

Looking for a platform to publish your first (or tenth!) guest post? Canopy is accepting contributors! If you have an idea for a guest post you’d love to write, email us at brandon.jones [at] Can’t wait to hear from you!

Develop a Social Media Presence (That Works for You)

If you haven’t joined the social media craze yet, you need to. It’s become more of a necessity than an option.In fact, about 90% of companies are using social media, and 78% of companies have teams dedicated to social media.

If the thought of using social media makes you anxious, just start with the platforms that will work best for you and your practice’s goals. Remember, no matter what platform you’re using, don’t spam your followers with constant posts of the same content. The best website traffic response will come from spreading out your posts effectively.

social media


With 1.79 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular of the platforms, so you have the potential to reach the most new clients. Plus, clients can easily look up information via your practice’s Facebook page.



There are 317 million monthly active users on Twitter, and many of them are tax pros. Twitter allows you to post short, impactful messages and engage with potential clients in an informal way. Find inspiration from these 10 tax pros who are killing it at using Twitter.


Visit to quickly create Twitter-friendly images with quotes.




While LinkedIn has less monthly active users than Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is great for business networking. Of LinkedIn readers, 45% are in upper ranks of their industries including managers, VPs, CEOs, etc.


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