Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones

At Canopy, we’re always working to make our user experience the best it can possibly be. That means we’re constantly rolling out new features and improving old ones. This week was a busy one for the Canopy team, and we’re excited to announce three new Canopy features that will expand functionality, increase ease of use, and give you more control over how you work in the Canopy platform.

State Forms

We’re expanding the recently improved Forms functionality to include certain state forms. This week we’re excited to announce that we now have Power of Attorney forms available for five states: California, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Utah (or roughly 27% of the US population). If your state isn’t one of the five we added this week, don’t despair—check back with us soon. We’re working on adding forms for all 50 states, with Massachusetts and Michigan next in line.

state forms

Document Management

Managing all of your client files in Canopy just got a lot better! In an effort to make our document manager more robust, we’ve added all the features you might find in a cloud storage solution like DropBox or Google Drive for a more seamless Canopy experience.

With Canopy’s document management you can now:

  • Create folders and subfolders
  • Double click to download files
  • Right click on a file to rename, delete or view its details
  • Make a file visible in your client's portal with a single click
  • Use the universal 'Shift' and "Control" keyboard keys to select multiple files and folders at once

For an in-depth look at everything our document management feature has to offer, head over to our client files support page.

file management

Notification Center

You can now receive notifications inside the Canopy app! While we’ve been sending notifications to your email inbox for a while now, the new Notification Center allows you to choose which notifications you wish to receive, and how you want to be notified (in-app, via email, or both).

We’ve also added a few entirely new notifications. You can now be notified when you receive a payment through Canopy's Billing feature. You can also now be notified about Transcripts—when a CAF check request has completed, and when your requested transcripts are ready to be viewed.

notification center

Want to learn more about new Canopy features? Check out our last update, Why You Should Stop Filling Out IRS Forms ASAP.

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