Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones

As a Canopy user, you likely already love the convenience of our engagement letter tool, which makes it easy to digitally create and send all of the letters you use in your practice in a few clicks, including engagement letters, transmittal letters, proposals, IRS responses, and more. Next, we introduced our e-Signature tool, which allows your clients to sign engagement letters electronically, without having to print anything or find a stamp. Today, we're introducing another exciting Letter Generator feature – custom letterhead. This new release allows you to add your logo to every correspondence you send, creating custom professional letterhead your clients will love.

Here's why Canopy's Letterhead feature will revolutionize how you communicate with your clients:

Letterhead makes your documents look more official.

Letterhead is more than just a nice logo and contact information. A document with letterhead carries weight. It can have a transformative effect on any text you put below it, changing it from an average correspondence to an official business document.

Just look at the examples below to see the big difference one little detail makes:


Maybe you already know how important letterhead is. You might even have stationary with letterhead somewhere in your office. But who wants to go through the hassle of printing off each and every correspondence, finding a stamp, and running out to the mailbox?

With Canopy’s custom Letterhead feature, your practice’s letterhead is no longer restricted to physical paper. Now, you can incorporate letterhead into your digital documents as well, saving you both time and money.

Using Canopy's digital letterhead tool is easy.

Because the whole point of Letter Generator is to save you time and money, we designed Canopy's custom Letterhead feature to be as easy to use as possible. Uploading your practice's branding just takes three steps:

  1. Upload your letterhead image. Click the image icon on the Letter Generator toolbar, select your letterhead image, and click “Open.” The letterhead will load into your document.
  1. Position and resize the letterhead. Use the alignment icons to position the image, and then shrink or expand your letterhead until it looks the way you want.



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