Tax Preparation and Planning

What You Need to Know About Filing IRS Form 5472

If you have business clients with full or partial foreign ownership, they must file IRS Form 5472.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
25 Nov, 2019
Practice Management

Why Tax Professionals Should Be Using the Cloud

If your tax firm isn’t already taking advantage of cloud computing technology, there’s no better time to start.

Carly Moore Carly Moore
15 Nov, 2019
Practice Management

How to Use Time Batching to Boost Productivity in Your Virtual Tax Practice

Anastasia Masters of G2 outlines 4 steps for using time batching to boost your productivity and run your virtual tax practice e...

Anastasia Masters Anastasia Masters
14 Nov, 2019
Practice Management

Small Business Checklist for Tax Practice Owners

If you’re a new tax practice owner, here are five things you need to do to get your business up and running.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
13 Nov, 2019
Practice Management

3 Spooky Clients You Should Avoid

This Halloween season, we discuss three types of “spooky” clients to avoid in your practice.

Jessica Lundin Jessica Lundin
23 Oct, 2019
Tax Resolution

How Tax Resolution Automation Will Change Your Life

Canopy offers tax resolution software that automates the busywork, saving you tons of time. If you haven't yet experienced auto...

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
18 Oct, 2019
Practice Management

Why Client Transparency Matters in Your Tax Practice

Every strong relationship is based on trust, and the key to gaining and keeping the trust of your clients is practicing transpa...

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
9 Oct, 2019
Practice Management

What You Need to Know About Filing IRS Form 8821

While you’ll eventually need to file a power of attorney for clients you’re representing to the IRS, you may consider filing Fo...

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
7 Oct, 2019
Practice Management

8 Simple Ways to Manage Clients Efficiently

One way to add more time to your week, and take control of your hectic schedule, is to practice efficient client management.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
4 Oct, 2019
Marketing Your Practice

5 Tips for Growing Your Tax Resolution Practice

One of the main hurdles for many new tax entrepreneurs is finding ways to grow their practice on a limited budget.

Carly Moore Carly Moore
26 Sep, 2019
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