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3 Things to Know for Tax Year 2019

These are the changes and adjustments to be aware of when helping your clients file their returns this tax season (free ebook).

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
13 Jan, 2020
Tax Resolution

How Teaming Up with a Tax Attorney Can Benefit Your Clients and Your Accounting Practice

Guest author and tax attorney, Steve Moskowitz, discusses 4 ways tax preparers can benefit from collaborating with a tax attorn...

Steve Moskowitz, Esq. Steve Moskowitz, Esq.
9 Jan, 2020
Tax Preparation and Planning

Why Taxpayers Are More Likely to Use DIY Software Than an Accountant

Taxpayers are more than 2x more likely to use DIY software than an accountant to file their taxes, but why? Canopy commissioned...

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
16 Dec, 2019
Practice Management

How to Volunteer Your Time as a Tax Professional

As an accounting or tax professional, you have a unique skillset to offer your community through volunteering.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
11 Dec, 2019
Canopy Features and News

Canopy Announces Davis Bell as Its New CEO and Raises $13 Million in Funding

Canopy continues to empower accounting practices nationwide with high-impact digital solutions.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
4 Dec, 2019
Tax Preparation and Planning

What You Need to Know About Filing IRS Form 5472

If you have business clients with full or partial foreign ownership, they must file IRS Form 5472.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
25 Nov, 2019
Practice Management

Why Tax Professionals Should Be Using the Cloud

If your tax firm isn’t already taking advantage of cloud computing technology, there’s no better time to start.

Carly Moore Carly Moore
15 Nov, 2019
Practice Management

How to Use Time Batching to Boost Productivity in Your Virtual Tax Practice

Anastasia Masters of G2 outlines 4 steps for using time batching to boost your productivity and run your virtual tax practice e...

Anastasia Masters Anastasia Masters
14 Nov, 2019
Practice Management

Small Business Checklist for Tax Practice Owners

If you’re a new tax practice owner, here are five things you need to do to get your business up and running.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
13 Nov, 2019
Practice Management

3 Spooky Clients You Should Avoid

This Halloween season, we discuss three types of “spooky” clients to avoid in your practice.

Jessica Lundin Jessica Lundin
23 Oct, 2019
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