Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones

Canopy’s newest feature update makes it more convenient than ever to send bulk emails to your clients. Whether you’re sending out reminders, offers, or your quarterly newsletter, sending bulk emails with Canopy is as easy as…

1. Select Your Contacts

You can select from all of your contacts from the primary contacts page, or you can narrow the list down by selecting a user-defined group from the “My Groups” menu. If you decide to make adjustments to your mailing list later in the process, that’s easy to do too. You can add or remove as many contacts as you need to even while personalizing your message.


2. Personalize Your Message

The real magic of bulk email is that it doesn’t have to feel like a bulk email. Clicking the envelope icon will open the window for you to enter your message, including a personalized greeting for each of the recipients of your email. Depending on the option you choose, your software will automatically insert your clients first or business name, last name, or phone number so that your client feels like the message was written just for them.

3. Review and Send Your Message

Sending out an email blast to dozens or even hundreds of clients can be nerve-wracking. But instead of agonizing over all the possible mistakes you may have missed in your email, send yourself a test email. That way, you can see your email exactly as your clients will see it, then go back and make any necessary changes. Once you’ve reviewed your message, go ahead and hit the send button and let our software work its magic.




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