Casey Morgan
Casey Morgan

In honor of International Women's Day, we rounded up a list of the Top 10 Innovative Women in Tax. From cryptocurrency to tax policy, these women are experts to look to across the tax and accounting industry. 

Eva Rosenberg, MBA, EA

Eva Rosenberg, AKA "TaxMama®," specializes in tax resolution and has created training to help people pass their EA exams. She has a popular website that Consumer Reports says is a "top tax advice site," and it is a LIFE Magazine Editor’s Pick.  

Allison McLeod, LLM, JD, CPA

Allison is a Senior Lecturer at the University of North Texas. She teaches her online ethics courses through her website and Canopy Courses. She has served as an expert witness, and the list goes on! Check out her website to learn more. 

Tanya Baber, EA, CTRS, NTPI Fellow

If you have ever used Canopy’s Tax Resolution software, you know that Tanya Baber is a rockstar. She consulted with us on the development. She also teaches high-level classes to CPAs, accountants, comptrollers, and others who are seeking continuing education. 

Amy Wall, EA, MBA, NTPI Fellow

Amy's book, Virtual Tax: The taxation of virtual currency, is a must-read for anyone considering investing in virtual currency. She has taught virtual currency taxation at national tax conferences and through Canopy Courses.

Karen Reyburn, CPA

Karen is the managing director of The Profitable Firm. She has a qualification in accounting and currently lives in the UK. If you need help with marketing, then she is the women for you. She offers webinars and training, and you can outsource it all to her. Visit her site to learn more. 

Janet Berry-Johnson, CPA 

Janet specializes in writing for CPAs. Her background is in accounting and tax, and as a small business owner, she has many insights into the tax world. Check out her blog to learn more. She is always happy to share her knowledge. 

Annette Nellen, CPA

Annette has focused her research, writings, and presentations on tax policy and reform. Her hope is to have a "modernized good tax policy." Check out her blog to get her take on virtual currency/blockchain, marijuana tax, and many other hot tax topics.

Nina Olson

Nina, the leader of The Taxpayer Advocate Service, recently announced she will be retiring after 18 years of serving as the National Taxpayer Advocate of the US. She has been serving as the voice of the people to the IRS before Congress. You can find her announcement here.

Kelly Phillips Erb

Kelly is a lawyer and an expert in tax law. She is a Senior Contributor Forbes and writes all about taxes. She has even written three books. Her writing makes taxes seem less complicated. Visit to learn more about Kelly and to read her blog posts. 

Laura Walter, CPA

Laura handles the broad world of cryptocurrency traders who often find themselves dealing with very complicated tax situations. She recently launched her website where you can get free tips, schedule a consultation, or sign up for her courses. 

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