Tax Resolution

How Tax Resolution Automation Will Change Your Life

Canopy offers tax resolution software that automates the busywork, saving you tons of time. If you haven't yet experienced auto...

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
18 Oct, 2019
Tax Resolution

The 2020 Guide to Getting Your Offer in Compromise Accepted

Give each of your clients’ OIC applications the best chance of being accepted by following our step-by-step guide for success.

Jeffrey McNeal Jeffrey McNeal
13 Sep, 2019
Tax Resolution

4 Ways to Get More Tax Resolution Clients

Here are 4 ways to get more tax resolution clients and build up your practice for year-round work.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
26 Jul, 2019
Tax Resolution

How to Start Offering Tax Resolution Services

Find out how to start offering tax resolution services to grow your practice, client base, and income.

Carly Moore Carly Moore
12 Jul, 2019
Tax Resolution

Penalty Abatement for Small Partnerships

The penalty for not filing a partnership tax return can be steep. Here's what you need to know to offer penalty abatement for s...

Brandon Jones Brandon Jones
11 Jun, 2019
Tax Resolution

3 Reasons to Become an Enrolled Agent

The distinction of becoming an enrolled agent can make a big impact on a tax accountant’s professional life.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
9 May, 2019
Tax Resolution

How Much Should You Charge for Tax Resolution Services?

Curious about how your pricing compares to other tax professionals across the country? Check out our free 2019 Tax Resolution P...

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
7 May, 2019
Tax Resolution

Get Authorized to Represent Tax Resolution Clients in 3 Steps

Ready to start offering tax resolution? We'll walk you through the steps, including exactly how to get your CAF number.

Meg Monk Meg Monk
24 Apr, 2019
Tax Resolution

What's the Best Tax Resolution Software for Tax Preparers? (Comparison)

This in-depth guide will give you an overview of the industry along with feature-specific comparison charts of the five main ta...

Mitch Larson Mitch Larson
27 Feb, 2019
Tax Resolution

How to Become a CPA

Not only will becoming a CPA enhance your career by expanding your knowledge and skills, but it will open up new pathways for l...

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
21 Feb, 2019
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