Build stronger connections.

Create a more connected experience for your clients and a more collaborative environment for your employees.


Easy Client Onboarding

Onboard clients with an easy-to-use portal where they’ll have access to everything relevant to their case including checklists, deadlines, and files.


Automate File Chasing

Keep engagements moving forward by sending client requests for data or action. Set auto reminders and track approval status so you can spend less time chasing down files.


Send Invoices

Collect payments through the portal and provide a complete transaction history.


Better Conversations

Connect your email with Canopy to see every communication between your practice and your client in one place.


Messages for the Masses

Send big updates, new offerings or important tax legislation updates through personalized bulk emails. Then track the performance with email analytics.


Instant Emails

Automate repetitive emails with customizable templates for team and individual use.


Better Letters

Choose from our list of templates and boilerplate text or save your own. Pull from these to create and send personalized letters to your contacts in just a few clicks.


Make it Official

Place e-signatures anywhere on your letter to get binding approval without all the back and forth.


One-stop Shop

Seamlessly send letters through the client portal, set client reminders, and get notified when clients sign.


Hit every deadline.

Keep your team on the same page with coordinated workflows and smart file organization, so you can deliver with perfect consistency.


Project Insight

See every moving piece of your practice at a glance. Know the status of every project and see every team member’s workload.


Expert Coordination

See outstanding tasks, who’s responsible and get status notifications when projects are ready for a smooth handoff.


Perfect Consistency

Create task templates so you can standardize service offerings and processes. We’ll manage recurring tasks and send reminders so you can focus on your clients.


Universal Calendar

Integrate with your Google and Outlook calendars, so events are automatically synced no matter which calendar you create or edit in.


Top Priority

See exactly what you need to focus on each day with a full view of your calendar, events, and outstanding tasks in one place.


Synchronized Schedules

Automatically connect events to client profiles so every team member can see a client’s progress and schedules.

Document Management

Secure your data.

Protect, manage and exchange files with bank-level security and drag-and-drop simplicity.


Work from Anywhere

Manage and access all personal, team, and client files from one place, no matter where you are.


Unlimited Storage

Ditch the limits of data ceilings and file cabinets. Save any size or type of file with complete peace of mind.


Smart Organization

Organize files with custom folder structures and drag-and-drop simplicity. Every file is indexed and just a search away.


Easy File Sharing

Send and receive files through the client portal with drag-and-drop simplicity. Grant and revoke client access to files with one click.


24/7 Client Access

Empower clients with online access to important documents such as tax forms, invoices, and other records.


Optimal Security

All files are encrypted with bank-level security and require password protection to gain access.


Auto-file Documents

Automatically organize client-uploaded files to their specific folders.


Instant Notifications

Get notified the moment your client uploads a file you’ve been waiting for.


Information Flow

Seamlessly connect your documents with every element of your practice. Whether you’re addressing a notice or solving a tax resolution case.


Get paid.

Track time, auto-populate invoices, and get paid through the portal so you can get rewarded for your hard work, without more hard work.


Capture Time

Track the time you spend on a project from anywhere in the app and seamlessly connect the data to your client’s profile.


Auto-Populate Invoices

Automatically fill invoices with client details so you can collect payments through the client portal.


Drive Productivity and Profitability

Gain key insights into your business with time and revenue reports for each client, service, and practitioner.


Simplified Payments

Receive payments online and automatically make deposits to your bank account.


More Visibility

Get a comprehensive look at your finances. See outstanding payments, track overdue invoices, and gain visibility into revenue streams.


End-to-End Solution

Bring the entire billing process into one place. Seamlessly track time, create invoices, collect payments, and manage your financial affairs.

“After less than three months of using Canopy, I had streamlined my process to the point that I could add $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue.”
James Faughtenberry
The ATA Group
accounting today
CPA practice advisor

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Common questions

How much file storage do I get with Canopy?

Canopy offers unlimited file storage with no restrictions on file size or type.

Do I have to manually create the same tasks multiple times?

No, you can create custom templates and set up recurring tasks to accelerate and automate your processes.

What email providers does Canopy integrate with?

Canopy integrates with Google, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, and other IMAP providers.