Time Tracking

Track your time across multiple projects from anywhere in the app. In-app time tracking seamlessly connects the data to your client’s profile so you can invoice faster and measure profitability with perfect accuracy.


Track efficiency with a dashboard.
The time tracking dashboard provides insight on which clients and services are most profitable and how efficient your employees are.



Auto-populate invoices directly from timesheets complete with service codes, descriptions, and rates.

Set up recurring invoices.

Recurring Invoices

Set custom schedules to automatically invoice clients for recurring services. We can even arrange automatic payments to make it easier for your clients.

Customize your invoice template.

Customizable Templates

Create professional invoices by adding your logo and contact info.

Keep your finances in order.

Financial Data

Get a comprehensive look at your firm’s finances. See outstanding payments, track overdue invoices, and gain visibility into revenue streams.

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Collect payments online or in-person with a variety of convenient options such as credit, debit, and ACH.

Get a flat rate with no surprises.

Flat Rate

Always get simple, flat rates for credit and ACH payments. No changing fees based on the credit card or whether it was swiped or keyed.

Export to your books.


Easily export transaction history to your bookkeeping tools like QuickBooks.

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