September 2019

Canopy Product Highlight: August 2019

In the month of August, we were busy enhancing the functionality of our mobile app, client portal, and task workspace.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
Sep 6, 2019 11:33:12 AM
August 2019

Feature Update: Improved Client Portal Functionality

Check out these two new things you can do with Canopy's client portal.

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
Aug 28, 2019 1:53:33 PM

Canopy Product Highlight: July 2019

July was full of exciting enhancements and updates for Canopy, including more features for Tax Prep, Practice Management, and M...

Mitch Larson Mitch Larson
Aug 13, 2019 5:32:51 PM
July 2019

Canopy Product Highlight: June 2019

Canopy saw some pretty big updates in June including the addition of a payments solution, a Zapier integration, and updates to ...

Mitch Larson Mitch Larson
Jul 9, 2019 2:32:12 PM
June 2019

New Feature: Zapier Integration

In partnership with Zapier, Canopy offers ways in which you can now connect with other apps and more easily automate processes.

Mitch Larson Mitch Larson
Jun 27, 2019 5:20:24 PM

New Feature: Payments

Canopy is excited to offer an in-house solution that helps accountants stay organized and seamlessly collect payments from clie...

Mitch Larson Mitch Larson
Jun 25, 2019 11:10:32 AM
Canopy Features and News

Canopy Product Highlight: May 2019

We've had a busy tax season rolling out new products and features, including Tax Prep, a mobile app, a workflow update, and cus...

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
Jun 6, 2019 10:22:00 AM
Canopy Features and News

Product Release: Tax Prep

Canopy’s Tax Prep includes seamless workflows that make the entire preparation process more efficient, so you can help more cli...

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
Jun 4, 2019 10:14:35 AM
May 2019
Canopy Features and News

Feature Update: Workflow Focused on Collaboration

Canopy’s workflow feature is more focused on team collaboration than ever before. We now offer a dedicated workspace for collab...

Micala Ricketts Micala Ricketts
May 20, 2019 4:33:36 PM
Canopy Features and News

Product Update: Canopy Courses

Canopy has partnered with some of the best and brightest minds in tax and accounting to develop high-quality CPE and CE courses...

Mitch Larson Mitch Larson
May 10, 2019 3:14:17 PM
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