Mitch Larson
Mitch Larson

July was full of exciting enhancements and updates for Canopy, including more features for Tax Prep, Practice Management, and Mobile. Check out the video below or continue reading for a brief summary.

Tax Prep notification enhancements

Canopy now allows you to be notified of various tax return updates and other tasks that your team members are assigned to. Canopy users will also be notified via email when clients have completed the signature process.

Custom fields update

Recent updates to custom fields now allow users to select and create their own fields in Canopy during the contact import process. This allows you and your team to customize Canopy to best fit your needs and preferences. Canopy Mobile also allows you to view and edit these custom fields that have been added to imported contacts.

Mobile enhancements

In addition, Mobile now supports most third-party call and text apps for Android users. For iOS users, Canopy now supports a caller ID function to help you know which contacts are reaching out to you.

If these updates excite you, there is much more to come in the near future. Stay tuned for next month’s product highlight where we’ll discuss more important updates to Canopy. For now, you can sign up for a demo of Canopy to learn more.

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