Mitch Larson
Mitch Larson


Canopy is excited to now offer an in-house solution that helps accountants stay organized and seamlessly collect payments from clients. Along with simple, flat rates, you’ll get automatic recurring payments, bookkeeping exports, and visualized financial summaries.

Simple and flat rates, no surprises

Canopy offers simple, flat rates for credit and ACH transactions. This includes $2 per ACH transaction and 2.75% plus $0.30 per credit transaction. Rates always stay the same regardless of whether the card was swiped in person or charged online. All major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.

Automatic recurring payments

Save time when billing for recurring work by automatically charging clients rather than sending manual payment requests. Set custom schedules to automatically charge clients so you can focus on providing high-quality services. You and your clients will also have the ability to save payment details for quick manual charges in the future.

Export to your books

We know the ability to keep your payment history synchronized with your bookkeeping tools is important for the efficient operations of your business. With Payments, you can easily export transaction records to a CSV file for easy import and reconciliation.

Visualize your earnings

Payments allows you to track the revenue of your firm. You can filter your financial information by time period and view a breakdown of earnings by payment type. You have the ability to see the status of every transaction while being able to filter tables by client name, date, fees, and more.

With the addition of Payments, you can now track time, invoice clients, and get paid seamlessly from one place. You will have a convenient way to collect payments online or in person with options for credit, debit, or ACH. Canopy Payments is now available with Practice Management. Learn more about it here

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