Micala Ricketts
Micala Ricketts

Canopy’s workflow feature is more focused on team collaboration than ever before. We now offer a dedicated workspace for collaborating on complex projects.

New, seamless workspace

We’ve consolidated several features into workflow so it’s easier for you and your team to manage your services from one place. With access to tasks, files, and tools, you’ll have what you need to complete projects in the new workspace, without having to search for it. You can link existing files or upload new files, and they’ll automatically connect with your client’s contact record.

More to come

In an effort to make workflow even more seamless and efficient, we’ll be bringing more features into the workspace over time. In the next few releases, look out for automated tools that you can use to send eSign requests, general requests, and engagement letters to your clients. We’ll also be adding notes, transcripts, and more.

We’re updating workflow with the way you work in mind. Want to see the new workspace in action? Sign up for a demo with one of our product specialists. 

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