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Professional grade.
Modern look.

With intuitive design and simple navigation, including hotkeys, you’ll be able to prepare returns with speed and ease.


Better workflows
and experiences.

Accelerate turnaround times with tools that streamline data collection, document delivery, and IRS e-Filing.

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Work without

Work from anywhere and any device. No more expensive servers, time-consuming updates, or frustrating software compatibility issues.


Automate data gathering so you can spend more time preparing returns and less time chasing down files.

Gather files with a modern client portal.

Client Portal

Onboard clients with an easy-to-use portal where they can drag and drop all the files needed for their annual return like W-2s and 1099s.

Provide transparency to the process.


Store all your clients’ files with bank-level security while providing clients 24/7 access to important documents.

Use transcripts to get the full picture.


Get your client's full story with near-instant transcript delivery along with summaries and calculations.



Breeze through federal and state forms without a user manual.

Pick from perfectly organized categories.


Navigate through all the forms and schedules in natural, user-friendly categories, so you can navigate and prepare returns with ease and confidence.

Cruise through responsive forms.

Responsive Forms

Save time by only completing the fields that are necessary for each client’s situation. Canopy uses simple questions to dynamically add the right fields, so you don’t have to worry about which forms to add.

Parallel-path your work.


Save hours by answering all contextually-related questions at the same time, no matter which federal or state forms they reside in. This way you’ll never have to switch back and forth between sections or revisit topics over again.

Use every little thing that saves time.

Time saving

Take advantage of integrated hotkeys, and since Canopy is cloud-based, you can project on multiple monitors and windows at once.

Prepare taxes


Quickly review returns in an intuitive tax form layout. Tab through each section, search for a specific form, or simply scroll through the entire return. For a final check, run diagnostics to catch any errors, missing information, or conflicting inputs that would prevent a successful filing.



Streamline the client review and sign-off process. Your clients can conveniently review returns, e-sign forms, and enter payment details online through our secure and easy-to-use portal.

Share tax returns for client review.

Client Review

Deliver finalized returns in the easiest way imaginable. Simply choose an email template, select the forms to include, and send.

E-sign federal and state authorization forms.


Collect electronic signatures for federal and state authorization forms like the 8878 and 8879. With built-in knowledge-based authentication and audit trails, you can gather signatures online and stay in compliance with rigorous IRS standards.

Automate payments and refunds.

Automate payments

Clients can designate which accounts to use for payments and refunds and enter banking details directly, so you don’t have to track down the information.

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Electronically send both state and federal returns, along with extensions, directly through Canopy. Then get real-time updates on your client's filing status.

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Supported Individual and Business Returns

Canopy will support federal and state returns for Form 1040, 1065, 1120, 1120S, and 1041 in these select states for the 2019 tax year. Additional states will be released the following tax year.

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Easy conversions

Quickly convert returns from your existing tax software. 


All-in-one solution

With integrated solutions for Practice Management and Tax Resolution, you’ll have everything you need to run your entire practice.

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“The time we have been able to save with Canopy’s features is priceless, and their support is second to none! Never have I been able to get answers to my questions so quickly.”
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