Automate data gathering, auto-populate forms and solve collection cases with unparalleled efficiency.

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Get up to speed on specific notice requirements in an instant and follow a detailed path to resolution.

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Find the ideal solution for your clients when faced with liens, levies, Penalty Abatement, Innocent Spouse, or trust fund recovery cases.

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State and Federal forms

Canopy houses all the forms you’ll need for any state or federal case. Plus, we have an ever-expanding list of state and federal notices with specific, guided paths to resolution.

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“The time we have been able to save with Canopy’s features is priceless, and their support is second to none! Never have I been able to get answers to my questions so quickly.”
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Common questions

How easy is the client survey?

The survey only asks easy-to-understand questions that are relevant to your client’s situation. You can even check your client’s progress through the portal.

What forms will Canopy auto-populate?

Every state and federal form you need for your case will automatically be auto-populated with the information from the client survey and source forms.

What happens if I discover a change in my client’s financial situation?

Canopy automatically calculates eligibility for Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, and Currently Not Collectible status and populates every relevant form. If your client’s new situation changes the outcome scenario (e.g. Offer in Compromise to Installment Agreement), you can easily select the applicable IRS forms, which will be auto-populated without additional work.